About our Logo




Our logo is an arrow diagram method (ADM) of a construction critical path method (CPM). ADM is the method used when CPM’s were done by hand and the method Ray Lemming learned and used. Because of his proficiency in scheduling, he was placed in a group at Ft. Belvoir in 1979 that was trying to computerize CPM. That group developed what is today the precedence diagram method (PDM) of CPM scheduling as more efficient in their mini-mainframe computer. Based upon the recommendation of one of the members of that team, Ray bought a mail order computer from an unheard of company called Apple. In 1980 he drew the bulldozer in a dot matrix graphics program that had just come out for the Apple II. It was a model of one of the D-8’s in his Combat Heavy Bn. He then added the ADM network and has been using the logo in one form or another ever since.


Therefore the logo represents our roots in scheduling, heavy construction, and computerization.