Co-Op Engineering Students

In addition to the usual engineering and construction services services to a client, CM501 has a unique triple win solution to help both Engineering Design firms and Construction companies meet contract requirements for Veterans. We hire Interns (1 semester) or Co-Op Engineering students (more than 1 semester) as part of your project team. There are many advantages:

·         Engineering Co-Op employees provide a level of expertise for those types jobs that are often difficult to fill. CAD services and RFI responses for Engineering Firms or submittal tracking and RFI preparation for Construction companies are typical of the types of jobs well suited for Engineering students.

·         The Engineering or Construction firms gets an opportunity to find good career engineers without the typical HR risks involved in making little known hires.

·         The Co-Op student gets income and experience that facilitates their engineering education.

·         The contract requirements for Veteran participation are met.

The bottom line is that the primary firm (Engineering or Construction) wins, the engineering student wins, and the Veteran wins. A Win-Win-Win situation.

below: Future CM501 Co-Op Employees being interviewed in a job box.